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About Us

About Us is Really all About You

Everything we do at InterGemCorp (IGC) is designed to offer customers the very best in quality, service and selection. We are constantly improving by listening to our customers, investigating new technologies and reviewing new gem mines.


Every diamond presented on IGC is the exclusive property of IGC. Stones over 0.30cts are accompanied by an internationally accepted diamond report.

We also guarantee that our diamonds are ethically sourced from origins that are conflict free.


All gemstones shown on our website are the exclusive property of IGC and never listed on behalf of 3rd parties. This ensures our customers of getting the best quality and price, because quality and value are our core principals.

To provide our customers with this high quality, we search the world for top-notch rough and process them in our Bangkok factory to maintain quality control.


Our jewelry is manufactured with time tested methods of craftsmanship. In most cases, these pieces have a highly skilled hand-made component.

Our jump rings, for example, are made from hand drawn wire and soldered by hand. This provides more durable jump rings and a higher quality of finish. Most similarly made jewelry from other manufacturers today is cast onto the piece directly, which impacts the item's integrity.

Our precious metals used are platinum, yellow or white 18K gold and sterling silver (925). Other materials in our collections are silk, leather, wood and rubber; all used to produce the desired effect for that jewel. A material need not be expensive to produce the final result; it all works to create the desired effect.


A fascinating short history explains how IGC evolved into respected long standing members of the gem and jewelry industry.

In the early 1960s my father Don Yakoumelos owned the local milk bar, the Black and Green Bar in rural Inverell, NSW, Australia.

Many times the local farmers would come to stock up on food supplies and eat at the milk bar but they did not always have cash to pay for their purchases. Instead they paid with small jars of little blue stones. After several years of accumulating these "little blue stones" he amassed 3 44-gallon drums weighing more than 3000kgs.

One year, a Swiss gem dealer having heard of gemstones being produced in Australia came to investigate at Inverell. He searched throughout the area with no success. As luck would have it, he stopped at the milk bar for a bite and started a conversation with my father. One thing led to another and he ended up showing the 3 drums to the dealer.

The dealer selected a small handful of stones, and asked how much they were. Not knowing anything about these little blue stones, my father in turn asked the dealer to make a fair offer.

The dealer offered the equivalent of a year's revenue from the milk bar. Those little blue stones turned out to be sapphires, and became the foundation of the family gem business. Since that humble and fortuitous beginning, we have supplied fine sapphire to the major couture jewelry houses in France, Switzerland, Italy, Germany and the United States of America.